Car Sales Training

Auto sales, and any other kind of sales is really a people business period! You need to identify a customer’s needs and wants, and tailor your product to them.

This is what separates the “order takers’ from the salespeople! Over 70% of customers purchase something different than what they had in mind, because their salesperson had some car sales training. These customers will leave happy, because they have found a better alternative polovni avtomobili germanija

Car sales training, benefits both the salesperson and the customer. Obviously, the benefits for the salesperson are more happy customers, and a bigger paycheck, and this will lead to more referrals, and a larger customer base to sale from year after year. The customer benefits because they will not spend an additional day to a month more getting confused, and wasting their valuable time trying to find that perfect car! They find something better than they had imagined.

Great salespeople who have had car sales training always sell what is available! When you don’t have an exact car to the customer’s request, show them what you do have, and how it may accomplish the same thing, or even why it may be better. Never ever, focus on what your vehicle does not have that the shopper wants, always focus on what it does have, and how it will benefit them.

Salespeople tailor their product to a customer, build value with a walk around presentation, which then generates mental ownership. Using a planned right turn route demo drive, create a hunger and thirsting for your vehicle today! When ordering a steak when do you want it served to you? When it is hot right? How can you use your car sales training and close your customer, if you are not closing while the customer is experiencing the vehicle, and breathing in that new car smell?!

This is a today business. Take the time to ask questions (who, what, where, why, when and how) and offer them a vehicle in your inventory, and they may find it is just what they wanted, and that it is better than what they originally were thinking of.

People buy cars once every 2 to 7 years, but we sell them every day. You should be the product expert. The customer expert, and the sales expert. Whenever a salesperson engages in a sales presentation someone always gets sold! Either your customer or YOU! The question is who is selling and whom is being sold. This is your job, your career, you are the professional! Who should be better at sales, you or your client? One way to be sure you get the highest percentage of sales possible is to get some car sales training and stop winging it everyday!

You need to learn to ask qualifying questions, and you will find yourself controlling the sales process and closing more deals. Repetition is the mother of skill so train daily!

We are a society of listeners and watchers not readers like we used to be so…… I would suggest getting your car sales training on a CD that you can play over and over in your car on the way to work or on your way home! This is where repetition can be the mother of skill! Combined with DVD’s you can watch, and anything you can read. Let’s face it, you have a better chance of training from a CD in your vehicle when you are not distracted with the wifey and honey do’s, and kids at home!