Gnosis: The Secret of Solomon’s Temple Revealed

The entirety of this is totally characteristic. We are, all things considered, chimps with less hair. We endeavor to be the alpha male and female; to find a place with the general public or “clan” that encompasses us. Furthermore, frequently that society is only a bigger form of our selves; it is made by gatherings of selves. 

However, in the occasions passed by, our precursors saw through the entirety of this and perceived that there was another way. They found that with the end goal for man to raise himself over the degree of the pound stone, he expected to change his inner discourse. Man expected to get himself and the powers that drive him. Visit :- ตำนานสัตว์ร้าย

This special agreement – that there could be a more significant standard for humanity, regardless of whether on the whole or separately – developed into what we presently know as Gnosticism. Obviously this is a huge distortion and we ought to consistently consider the spiritualists – the individuals who have encountered what we would call other-common feelings or dreams. Additionally, paying little mind to mainstream insight, the Christian’s were not by any means the only Gnostics and spiritualists. Gnostic comes from the Greek word gignoskein meaning basically to know. It was applied to “one faction of alleged rationalist’s in the main periods of Christianity.” 

Be that as it may, the term is presently being utilized all the more freely and I for one see the term somewhat distinctively to other people and most likely in a dubious light. 

To me the Greek expression suggests all-information. This is a sort of information acquired a lot of like stopping ones mind into the internet and having the option to download each and every bit of information in a moment. Similarly, the genuine Gnostic, much like the spiritualist, could see everything in a special way. Regardless of whether this is the brain taking advantage of the aggregate oblivious, the Akashic records, or some other name given to the cycle, doesn’t make a difference with the end goal of this article, the reality remains, it was accepted. Furthermore, in light of this conviction, actual indications of the inward conviction framework arose the world over. Thusly, the sanctuaries of man, were actually that – Temples of Man. 

Gnosis at that point, implies information on the most exclusive kind and this is the story that has been stowed away from our eyes for a really long time. This is the reality of the mystery social orders that we outwardly are evidently too common to even think about comprehending. 

The Temple 

Along these lines, let us currently make an honest effort to fathom the Temple of Solomon and in doing as such, let us stroll upon Holy ground, trampled exclusively by the started. 

In the long stretches of my own looking there were times when I would be found at the feet of the Magi, sitting and tuning in to the insightful expressions of the Sufi, participating in the discussion at some Freemasonic Lodge. All the time I was learning and survey the cycle with an open ear and an open eye, but additionally offsetting it all with the information on cutting edge science and reductionism. The two universes, the one of the exclusive and the one of science are futile separated – both are required today on the off chance that we are to really comprehend and accept. 

Thus down to realities about the Temple of Solomon. Indeed, tragically we are unfortunately ailing in any archeological proof, paying little mind to what you read on some strict fundamentalist site. What we are told is that in the tenth century BC, the astute King Solomon raised an incredible Temple to the Lord. Lamentably, in the event that any of this is valid, at that point we really find that it was a Temple, which enveloped numerous agnostic religions.

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